Backlist is a podcast that lets backlisted writers speak in their own voice.

Each audio essay is about five minutes long. Current speakers include:

Victor Navasky.  The inspiration behind the satiric “Report From Iron Mountain” recalls the furore that the publication had in government and journalistic circles. Listen to Report From Iron Mountain lives on.

Phillip Lopate. The novelist and essayist talks about the influence his parents – -especially his actress mother — had on his life as a writer and a man. Listen to Family is a big deal to me.

Joseph Berger. The New York Times reporter  explains his personal interest in New York City’s immigrant communities. Listen to The world in me.

Peter Wortsman. The translator and short story writer recalls an experience in a Russian bathhouse. Listen to Travel is instant fiction.

Look for upcoming audio essays by Terry Teachout, Mary Guterson, Dona Munker and Sophie Gee.

Note: Windows users need to download and install Quicktime 7.6 for Windows.

Series producer: Barbara Finkelstein

Royalty-free music: Kevin MacLeod


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