Barbara Finkelstein’s commercial writing samples

Speeches for high-profile U.S. universities

* Universities should lead the way to economic opportunity. Universities must partner with public schools to improve educational outcomes (2012)

* Opening remarks for ribbon-cutting ceremony for Philadelphia-based center for nanotechnology (2011).

* Are we living in the Prairie of Prax? 60-second lecture about how to talk to your political opponents (2011).

University journalism

Lehigh University College of Education. A 5,000-word “think piece” about the readiness of American students and workers to meet the technological and industry challenges of the twenty-first century.

Teachers College (Columbia University) Topics include: Making the link between health habits and academic achievement; using technology to customize learning; recreating the family to help students grow emotionally and cognitively, and learning to mother mothers. (2011-present)


Inside IBM Research. I produce this audio podcast about IBM researchers who bring their innovative thinking to social good projects. (Soundcloud)

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering). I am a producer for Techwise Conversations, a podcast hosted by IEEE editor Steven Cherry (2011-2013) and Stephen Cass (2013-2014). Episodes feature interviews with scientists, electrical engineers, economists and government officials who talk about the intersection of technology and society (2011-2014).

Not-for-profit magazine

Life of the Hebrew Free Burial Association. Published in “Viewpoint,” September-October 2009, Volume 51, No. 3. A profile of a not-for-profit organization dedicated to burying indigent Jews (2009).

Essays/Book publications

Summer Long-a-coming (1st chapter), Harper & Row, novel (1987).

The first year of nursing (sample chapter), Walker and Company, non-fiction (1996).

Return to Poland. Published in Lost on the Map of the World, Peter Lang, 2001, Philippa Kafka, editor. A personal essay about a trip to Poland in 1998 with two Holocaust survivors.


Partners 1 2 3 4

Sample IBM articles and speeches

The Power of Values to Change the World. Speech written for Robert Samson, former sales executive, IBM. Published in “Vital Speeches of the Day,” September 2009, Volume LXXV, No. 9.

IBM makes the case for genetic privacy. IBM’s chief privacy officer and vice president testified in January 2007 on Capitol Hill in support of legislation to protect U.S. citizens from discrimination based on their genetic makeup. 2 February 2007

IBM prescribes plan for nationwide health system. Moving the country toward interoperable electronic health records. 24 January 2007

Teachers and students use Internet connection to access study materials. Educators can share ideas and materials with each other online thanks  to an IBM open technology offering. 11 October 2006

International Sales Center puts domestic teams on the world stage. Find out how your account team can widen your client’s scope of operations. 15 June 2004

Digital media database houses UPS’s rebranding strategy. IT company works with UPS marketing executives to develop a secure repository to save and manage advertising assets. 6 May 2004

Electronic tracer improves health of pharmaceutical supply chain. IT company fights drug counterfeiting. 19 April 2004

Financial services firm helps customers monitor stock performance. Using IT to enhance a financial firm’s portfolio research capabilities. 22 January 2004

Grid solution makes believers out of finance company’s skeptics. The IT infrastructure at the financial services company was screaming out for a grid solution. 8 January 2004

Building a massive medical data system. Developing an exhaustive database to treat genetic diseases. 27 March 2002


Blog posts for McGraw Hill Education Labs

In 2013, I wrote a series of blog posts about online learning for an exploratory group at McGraw Hill. Read the 10 entries.

Columns for CEO, Medicis Pharmaceuticals

Marco Polo imagined the possibilities

A lot of cold air in the helium reserve: Part I, Part II

Map of the human gene: Part I, Part II

Spend the surplus, Carnegie said: Part I, Part II

Little fish eat big fish

Don’t blame the dermatologist: Part I, Part II

Be responsible for your own health: Part I, Part II

Dermatology and the Lilliputians: Part I, Part II

Stymied by regulation: Part I, Part II

Swimming with the sharks

Dynacin is David to Lederle’s Goliath!

Closed Grant Evaluations
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sample evaluations include studies on smoking cessation programs, a financial impact study of a competitive payment system on NJ hospitals, a mental health symposium, teen HIV and pregnancy prevention and emergency medical services for children in rural areas. Late 1990s – 2000.

About books

Head Butler

The Phantom Tollbooth 2/20/2012

In Defense of Long Books 1/13/2011

The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother 1/27/2011

The New York Times (incomplete list)

Killing off the soul by Aleksandar Tisma

Holograms of fear by Slavenka Drakulic

Mother country by Elisabeth Russell Taylor

New York Newsday (incomplete list)

Etchings in an hourglass by Kate Simon

Garden of lies by Eileen Goudge and The naked heart by Jacqueline Briskin

Gone by Kit Craig

Husband is the past tense of daddy by Teryl Zarnow; The world of our mothers by Sydney Stahl Weinberg; When you and your mother can’t be friends by Victoria Secunda

In silence: Growing up hearing in a deaf world by Ruth Sidansky

Sages and Dreamers: Hasidic, biblical and talmudic portraits and legends by Elie Wiesel

Saving St. Germ by Carol Muske Dukes

The Plain Dealer

I want a dog by Dayal Kaur Khalsa

O’Keeffe and Stieglitz: An American Romance by Benita Eisler

Perfect together by Nora Johnson

Treetops: A family memoir by Susan Cheever

The Chicago Tribune

Floating in my mother’s palm by Ursula Hegi

Congressional Monthly

Village of a million spirits by Ian MacMillan 1 2

For my more recent blogging and podcasting projects, please visit Bookpod on WordPress.

Last updated on December 9, 2014


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