What my friends, colleagues and strangers think

Here’s a list of blogs, Web pages, etc. from people who have had some influence over me:

Noepe Will Runyon was one of my IBM communications colleagues and just about the only independent thinker in the entire function.

saraswat.org Vijay Saraswat’s (somewhat outdated) home page. He’ll be teaching at Columbia University.

readthisblog.net David Singer, IBM distinguished engineer, muses about technology, cars, food, movies and travel.

Bugs in a Rug Haixun Wang, a database researcher now at Microsoft in Beijing, talks about books, movies, travel and food. Mostly in Chinese, but some entries are in English.

Carol Vecchione, a former speechwriter for Geraldine Ferraro and others, published No Bake-Off Winner, But a Winning Recipe in The New York Times, March 11, 2007.

Melvin Jules Bukiet A sampling of ideas from my friend Melvin, whom I respect but almost never agree with, particularly on the subject of religion.

On Writing Biography and Biographical Nonfiction Dona Munker writes a newsletter that “examines the pleasures and challenges of planning, researching and constructing biography or biographical nonfiction.”

Phyllis Chesler Organization I saw Dr. Chesler speak in Philadelphia in the late 1970s and she struck me as doctrinaire. She has evolved into a subtle — and passionate — thinker.

Duelty. Students at the Vancouver Film School created this Web video that tells the story of creation in the voice of a computer science God and the story of evolution in the voice of the Old Testament. Some of the facts may be off, but the production is inspired.

Backlist Well, this one’s mine. The episodes in this podcast feature 5-minute “audio essays” with writers I interviewed. Once I have about a dozen episodes, I will look for a sponsor.


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